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Our new movement aims to propel Labour into a radical Green New Deal | Angus Satow

It's time for bold, transformative thinking to steer us away from social and ecological catastropheo Angus Satow is co-founder of Labour for a Green New DealAs parliament ties itself in a Brexit knot, Britain is on the brink, facing multiple economic, social and ecological crises. Our economic system has enriched the 1% while leading humanity towards climate catastrophe and tearing apart the fabric of society through rampant inequality and a deadly austerity programme.In this moment of crisis there is an opportunity: now is the time for bold, transformative thinking. We can democratise our economy, creating a society of prosperity and abundance while mobilising everything we've got towards total decarbonisation. Neoliberalism has taken us to the precipice - a new economic model can set us free. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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